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Pets and Stray Animals

Pets can be wonderful companions and these tips will help them be good neighbors as well!

Leash laws

A city ordinance requires that your pet remain on a leash when it is not on your property. The leash should not be more than six feet long. When you walk your pet, you must carry along supplies that will allow you to clean up any solid waste deposited by your animal.

There is one spot besides your property where your dog can run free. Take your pooch to one of the three Fargo dog parks for a little exercise and "social time" with other canines.    

Problem barking

dogface2Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their cats and dogs from disturbing their neighbors. Continual barking by dogs or howling by cats can make your neighborhood an unpleasant place for others to live. Please be courteous to your neighbors by keeping your animals quiet. Pet owners in violation of this ordinance, 12-0112, will be given a citation.  

You can call the Fargo Police Department at 235-4493 to report a problem with stray or nuisance dogs or cats in your neighborhood.  A community service officer will warn your neighbor to keep his or her animal quiet.  If the problem continues, police will ask you to sign a complaint so they can take further action against the owner of the problem pet. 

For nuisance wildlife (anything other than dogs or cats), we invite you to contact a pest control agency (which will assess a fee for their services).

Pet limits

Cat photoThe maximum number of dogs and cats, combined, may not exceed six. Also, if anyone is in the commercial business of breeding or boarding animals, and keeps five or more animals, then they must purchase a kennel license which costs $30 per year.

For more information on topics discussed on this Web page, call the community service office of the Fargo Police Department at (701) 241-8284.

For information on adopting a homeless animal, contact Adopt-A-Pet of Fargo-MoorheadHomeward Animal Shelter4 Luv of Dog Rescue, Cats Cradle or the Center for Avian Adoption, Rescue and Education (parrots).

Dangerous dogs

A dog may be designated potentially dangerous if the dog causes unprovoked harm to humans, domestic animals on public or private property. A dog my be designated dangerous if the dog has caused harm to a human or a domestic animal or has caused damage on public or private property. Potentially dangerous dogs and dangerous dogs are not allowed in the City of Fargo, unless the owner has submitted the proper registration and implanted a microchip in the dog.